How to Shop Like a Minimalist

I need to think like this. Wow Incredible.

36 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 3 bags

The current shopping situation has rules. The current shopping situation feels complex and intricate, like another job. This is excellent, as it really deters me from shopping regularly, and I simply must take month long breaks from thinking about buying stuff completely.

My minimalist shopping rules:

  1. Only buy things on the wish list.
  2. Only buy things that are exactly what I want.
  3. Only buy things that fit perfectly.
  4. Only buy things of good quality.
  5. Do not even enter the banned brands list stores.

I know that if I don’t follow these rules, the things I buy in the future will end up discarded, just like the many items of clothing I removed from my wardrobe earlier this year. Your goal, when shopping, should be to invest in flexible and lifestyle appropriate items of clothing that rarely need to be updated.

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