The other side of Depression

Yes it is January and I mentioned the  word depression and ALAS, as a post TITLE!


As many of you may have noticed and have personally experienced, depression is on the rise amongst any and all individuals. Depression, unlike humans does not discriminate. It cares not for colour, age, status, creed or breed it comes in and makes itself a cosy home in your mind.

While some of us have not been diagnosed with any form of depression or mental illness, a great many of us “some” are swimming deeply in denial as we view it to a weakness or some form of deadly virus that will lead us all to kill ourselves in our sleep or set a house on fire. Because of the many myths and fears surrounding the issue of depression I have decided to go on a mission to educate myself about Depression and Anxiety in order to fully or somewhat understand it myself and to be able to provide better support to those close to me who suffer from anxiety and depression.

I will be sharing my findings and the experiences of those I encounter as part of this journey. I do not in any way intend to make light or be insensitive to those who are struggling with depression. It has just touched my life from so many corners over the past two years that I feel I have to take a closer look.

This is not a sad post, breathe heavily in and look around you. There are many blessings to count.



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