So I’m alive and dancing blindly into 2017

This is another new year’s post, as you have surmised.

Like everyone under the sun I've been battered by 2016 and it has been the worst and best year of my life and so emotionally draining. But somehow through it all, I managed to walk out looking and feeling alive.

The strength that one has to resist crashing and burning defines them in that moment and has the power to remap their life's journey. For this reason I feel qualified to Dance into 2017 like a She Boss and Pantsula to Sia's - Angel by the wings. Sometimes the beat of the song is not in tune to the rhythm of your feet but that is one of the greatest gifts that we have as humans. To dance to the beat of our own heart, the song lifts us but does not define, we dance to the rhythm of the song playing in our heart. We dance to our dreams, our laughter, our pains and gain, we also dance the dance of gratitude.

So I'm still alive and dancing into 2017, following the beat of my own heart against the speakers blaring my favourite songs.

Resolutions are as follows:

...................................................................zzzzzz not this time. We dance.

Wishing you all a 2017 that surpasses your wildest imagination, we all deserve it.

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