2016 – A year of lessons

vbIf we’re honest with ourselves 2016 has been a year like any other. It’s been tough for us all as is the norm these years. The only difference with all happening around us is that we have become more vocal about our frustrations, to the point of posting these on social media and a thousand more people relating to an issue that you thought to be personal.

Nothing wrong with any of that, in fact it has been the thread that bound more and more victims of any kind of abuse to come out and face their perpetrators and in so doing, facing themselves. Of course there is the risk of the internet making a spectacle of your situation and a lot of hate speech is to be expected. But, all that said. 2016 has been a year.

  • The year I learnt to spend less time being afraid of change and leaving home
  • The year I left home
  • I took a chance and changed my  work and I learnt more about myself expected
  • Listened to the voices of young South Africans
  • Cried over Fees Must Fall protests
  • Gained 4kg, best year ever!
  • Learned to love those who left us in their absence
  • Accepted that sometimes friends grow apart in order to be better

It has been the year I cried more than I ever have over my life and the decisions I make. whether good or bad, happy or sad. I allowed myself to cry and found comfort in my tears.

So in 2017, well let us just wait and see.

Merry everything to all of you.

Love: Candy Morrow


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