Shades of happiness


Can happiness be found on the other side of a shade of lipstick? I often find myself questioning the notion that slapping on a bright shade that makes you look and maybe feel good is an anti-dote for women’s problems no matter how temporary. Its not the lipstick itself that I have an issue with, or the process of application. We all know how good your favourite lip colour makes you feel even on a wintery day in the middle of Spring. Soooo good.

My concern is women being expected to cover their pain. To look like we don’t have a care in the world  while most women suffer in silence. We often advise others not to let the hurt show, “don’t give them the satisfaction,” we’re heard  to say. Don’t let things get you down, hide your scars, put eye-gene in your eyes before you walk out of the house, don’t let the kids, friends, relatives, partners, co-workers, school mates, world, whole world, see you like this. DON’T, DON’T, CAN’T!  Oh how I long for the day when women will be told that its ok to have feelings, to go out there and live their lives no matter who looks on. There is a need in every woman to ease herself of the breeches that the world enforces on her, uncomfortable, ill-fitting, unnatural shades of a forced happiness.

In my mind’s eye I clearly see the day we will be allowed to heal. Be a part of the living on all accounts. Be allowed to publicly cry when a hat drops if she would like to. In those days we’ll be allowed to wear our scars on our sleeves, and dainty flowers instead of heavy crowns. No blue eyes will be concealed and mattified, no abuser protected under the linings of our petticoats. And no child molester will go unreported in order to maintain the family’s good reputation. No pregnant spinster will be a disgrace.

In those days when women will be walking graciously and fearlessly. And maybe, just maybe our free flowing tears will begin to wash our sorrows away. The salt clean those browned blood stains and the water erode the pains away. Then maybe, just maybe the cleansed earth will begin to live.


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