It started with ….nothing.

It started out as nothing, with nothing. Caught between the joys of sleeping in on a cold winter morning and sleeping as the art of wishing sorrow away. It never leaves, you’re the one who has to choose to leave it behind.

I chose to leave the seemingly sweet comfort of duvets and a little sunshine peeping sadly through the curtains, and guess what? The sun smiled when I opened the door and let myself out of the terrors of my own mindlessness. Walked a few blocks to the beach and my week has finally begun. It’s a Wednesday and I’m open.

….and it feels good.

💕 Candi


Fragments of us. A poem.

Its okay
Shatter my heart
Ridicule my blood, sweat, my tears
Rob me of my hopes and dreams
Spit on my years of endless toil.
Mock my incessant pleas to The Most High.

Worldly Works of Wordless Wisdom
Fruitless Faith in Form-Fitting Futility,
Swim swiftly in the red rivers of our blood
Dance, drunken on our sweat and tears.
Build your house with the fruits of our labour,
Raise your majestic roof with our hopes and dreams


Remember my incessant pleas to The Most High

Love: Candy Morrow